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The Library subscribes to over 200 databases, containing journal articles, statistics, scientific and legal data and much more.  Select the database you need from the alphabetical lists on these pages, or choose your topic under Databases by Subject.

Databases by subject:

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Joanna Briggs Institute - Evidence-Based Resources (ProQuest) local_info info_new
Description: Researchers gain exclusive access to highly valuable evidence-based nursing information from The Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI). These resources include Systematic Reviews, Evidence Summaries, and Best Practice Information Sheets. The JBI's evidence-based approach opens a new world of education resources, with critical appraisal and meta-analysis that is highly respected and unquestioned in the field.
Users also receive access to Rapid Assessment Protocol internet database (RAPid) and System for the Unified Management, Assessment and Review of Information (SUMARI). The RAPid training tool enables users to systematically evaluate research articles and write structured research findings to publish on the JBI interface. It teaches students to critically appraise evidence using established data collection tools and offers the possibility of publishing appraisals in the form of refereed reports. SUMARI is a developing software package designed to assist health and other researchers and practitioners to conduct systematic reviews with evidence of feasibility, appropriateness, meaningfulness and effectiveness and to conduct economic evaluations of activities and interventions.
Coverage: all Systematic Reviews are assessed for update every 5 years
Concurrent users: unlimited
Content: some fulltext

John Johnson Collection (ProQuest) local_info info_new
Published by: ProQuest Information and Learning
Description: This collection provides access to thousands of items selected from the John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera, offering unique insights into the changing nature of everyday life in Britain in the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Categories include Nineteenth-Century Entertainment, the Booktrade, Popular Prints, Crimes, Murders and Executions, and Advertising.
Coverage: varies by titles
Concurrent Users: Unlimited
Content: full text

Journal Citation Reports local_info info_new
Published by: Thomson ISI
Description: JCR provides easy access to data that helps you evaluate and compare scholarly journals. The JCR is an essential, comprehensive, and unique resource for journal evaluation, using citation data drawn from over 8,400 scholarly and technical journals worldwide. Coverage is both multidisciplinary and international, and incorporates journals from over 3,000 publishers in 60 nations. The JCR includes virtually all specialties in the areas of science, technology, and the social sciences.
Concurrent Users: 5
Content: index only

Journals@OVID local_info info_new
Published by: OVID
Description: Search over 550 scientific, technical and medical journals. Includes links to AUT's OVID full text collections, Essential Nursing Collection and PsycARTICLES.
Coverage: varies by title, updated weekly
Concurrent Users: Unlimited
Content: index with some full text

JSTOR local_info info_new
Published by: Various publishers
Description: Covers a wide range of disciplines including Asian Studies, Business, Ecology, Economics, Education, Finance, Language and Literature, Mathematics, Political Science, Sociology and Statistics.
Coverage: From volume 1 issue 1 to the "moving wall" (see JSTOR for description), updated daily
Concurrent Users: Unlimited
Content: full text

Judgments of the Supreme Court of Canada local_info info_new
Published by: LexUM
Description: This collection includes the decisions rendered by the Supreme Court of Canada since 1948. While the database is not comprehensive, many decisions before 1948 are available, including all decisions originating from Ontario and British Columbia back to 1876. Decisions published in the Supreme Court Reports from 1970 to date are available in both English and French. Decisions published prior to 1970 are available in the language of publication only.
Coverage: 1876+ ; updated weekly
Concurrent Users: Unlimited
Content: full text

JustCite - UK legal citation database local_info info_new
Published by: Justis Publishing Ltd.
Description: JustCite is a cross-referenced index of case law to help establish the current status of the law. It provides links to a broad range of authoritative UK and EU information - including the full text available in a number of other AUT Library resources.
Coverage: 1163+
Concurrent Users: Unlimited
Content: significant full text

Justis - the online legal library for UK, EU & Irish law local_info info_new
Published by: Justis Publishing Ltd.
Description: Justis is a full text online legal library of UK, Irish and EU case law dating back to 1163 and legislation from 1235. We have access to Weekly Law Reports, Times Law Reports The Law Reports, Statutes, Daily Cases JustCite, English Reports
Coverage: 1163+
Concurrent Users: Unlimited
Content: significant full text

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kiwi_grey indicates a database with significant New Zealand content.

Database License Conditions: The Library licenses databases for use by current staff and students of AUT. Under the terms of our license agreements data may only be used for the purposes of University teaching, research and study. Copyright information included by the database owners may not be obscured or removed. No data may be copied for sale or used for any commercial purposes, nor may it be copied or reproduced for the benefit of any third party external to AUT.